Waves of spring


Hello Giulia and Jim,

Before I knew it, January was over. Is it me or did everyone feel the speed with which we’ve moved from December into February. Since my last letter many things have happened. There’s a new administration in the US. My son Prem bought a house in Vegas. Mayanmar had a military coup. More coronavirus mutations are out and about. Vaccines are out and people are getting them in the US, and here in India. The vaccines in the US are the mRNA ones that require a cold chain. The Indian vaccines are inactivated virus that don’t need the -70 degree cold chain.

By last full moon, the weather here was starting to transition from Winter to Spring, signaling new growth and movement forward. Abundance of life is springing all around… butterflies, bees, insects, birds, animals are all out and about. I saw a baby snake, two civets, and some porcupine quills the other day on my walk in the hills. The layered sounds of insects and birds over the lush green valleys and hills are amazing. Migrant birds seem to have new babies who will perhaps be ready to fly northward in a few weeks. Whenever I open the patio door, my room seems to bring several in the honeybees. Then I must use a glass with a few drops of water to lure them in and move them outside. This is becoming our daily dance.

Jim, your casale in Italy and a cabin in Colorado sounds wonderful. Giulia will also have a home in Italy. Don’t forget you will have a place in India also. We can have a travelling community of three or anyone else who wishes to join the harmony. I’m collecting and saving some Civet coffee for when you two come to visit.


Speaking of the Heart,

The fragmented ego mind has no solutions

The heart intelligence has no problems

The ego seeks to know

The heart already knows

The ego says why

The heart, why not

The ego reacts

The heart responds

The ego says past n future

The heart, here n now

The ego tells me me

The heart, we we

The ego seeks

The heart, shares

The ego pulls and pushes

The heart elevates

The ego, action

The heart, presence

The ego holds on

The heart lets go

The ego spins

The heart flows

The ego black n white

The heart a spectrum

Ego, a shape-shifting chameleon

Heart, source of grounded presence

Ego thrives on divisions

Heart, unity

Ego, injures

Heart, heals

Ego tries to win

Heart surrenders

Ego judges

Heart embraces

It even embraces, the ego with all the love like a mother loves her child.






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