Dinesh Neelay – biografia

Dinesh Neelay, INDIA

Oh which labels can I put myself for this bio? My days are structured in 8-8-8. 8 hours I work and do service. 8 hours I learn, read, and devote to silence and stillness. 8 hours spent sleeping and caring for the body. I work as a freelance management consultant helping businesses and executives with their growth and development. Though I don’t have a specific guru, I have learned from many teachers. My meditation practice is really simple- to sit still and to allow the awareness to connect with itself and its source. The life I live is very simple, minimal, and ordinary. Some people still piss me off, and some I find naturally attracted to. I feel my purpose here is to be free, and to allow my compassion for the brokenness of all of life to restore itself- in my own life and that of others. Having been fully immersed in both extremes, the rat race of the world, and the emptiness, I now find myself at the threshold where I am in both, and neither. And, that’s the freedom I most value.


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